instrument rentals

All too often the parents of beginning band students make hasty decisions as to where they will obtain an instrument for their child. Not all music stores are created equal. The difference lies in the extent of their services to you the parent, your child and your school program. Since school band programs are our main concern, we have a genuine desire to help make the area music programs as successful as possible. Our number one concern is that the student is successful on the instrument and will want to become involved in this exciting and rewarding endeavor. Music students make better citizens!

Why rent an instrument from Rush's?

Rush's used instrument rental program is one of the best in the nation! 
Used instruments are repaired, cleaned and rented to you for three months at a time. There is no better or inexpensive way for your child to determine what instrument they are going to play than by renting an instrument. There may also be an option for a new instrument.

Once you have rented from us, we apply 9 months of your rent to purchasing a new or used instrument

Rush's rents to Middle and High School students across East Tennessee and into Middle Tennessee.

Note: All information must be filled in completely and rent paid before the instrument will be delivered

  • All rent must be paid in advance

  • All the rent paid during the first nine-month period may be applied to purchase a used or new instrument at the store.

Under no circumstances is there any obligation to BUY. To rent an instrument, fill out our rental form; mail it along with your rental fee to our South location or bring it in to either of our locations. Mailing  this form signifies your acceptance to our terms. Free Maintenance Program -  Damage to instruments not exceeding normal wear and tear will be absorbed by Rush's Musical Services. Repairs resulting from mistreatment or excessive damage will be the renters responsibility.

Questions about rentals?